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      • Good Brand Reputation

        RIKING Software SystemShanghaiCo., Ltd. (abbr. as RIKING), a professional supplier of financial regulatory software system integration, is committed to providing clients with competitive, safe and reliable regulatory compliance products and services We are actively practicing our business philosophy of “FOCUS ON FINANCE, FOCUS ON SERVICE” and have been continuing to create value for our customers, to realize our corporate vision of "Making Regulatory Burdens Simplified”.

      • Professional Products & Services

        Our products and service scope include "Regulatory Compliance", "Regulatory Cloud Platform","Risk Control", "Business Consulting" and other aspects,with a total of more than 40 products, among which Regulatory Compliance products cover a full range of regulator-compliant reports, in order to help financial institutions to meet the requirements announced by PBOC, CBIRC, SAFE,HK MA, HK JFIU and other government bodies.

      • Deep Industry Accumulation

        RIKING, founded in 2013, is one provider for professional finance regulatory software products and system integration service solutions with high reputation in finance industry. Headquartered in Shanghai, RIKING has branches or subsidiary in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Changsha, Wuhan, Nanjing with users from all around the world.

      • Strong Technical Team

        Wehave outstanding software professionals and a professional R&D team toguarantee the excellent quality of our products and services. At present, ourmain customers are foreign banks' branches in China, domestic banks, non-bankingfinancial Institutions, etc.

      • Authoritative Qualification

        RIKING, with more than 40 softwarecopyrights, has gained many honors and qualification, such as "High-techEnterprise Certificate", "Shanghai Software Enterprises QualificationAccreditation", " S&T Little Giant Enterprises of PutuoDistrict", "ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate","Information System Integration and Service QualificationCertificate" and the others.

      • Positive Industry Interflow

        Withthe core values of " BeingHonest, Practical, Studious and Innovative ", we have actively communicatedwith customers and partners and expanded the value of our services. We have hosted several financial innovation and regulatory technology summits, credit information system business exchanges and other industry exchanges,promoting the sustained and sound development of the industry.

      Corporate Culture
      • Corporate Vision
        Making Regulatory Burdens Simplified
      • Corporate Mission
        Technology enables regulation、Establish risk bottom line、Improve regulatory effectiveness、Reduce compliance costs
      • Corporate Objective
        To be as the Chinese“Fiserv”
      • Operation Philosophy
        Focus on Finance, Focus on Service
      • Service Commitment
        Telephone technical support 24 hours a day, and on-site technical service within 2 hours.Life-long maintenance and regular check.
      • Core Value
        Being Honest, Practical, Aspirant and Win-win
      • 4

        Business covers 4 great financial centers,

        including Shanghai, Beijingand Shenzhen,

        Hong Kong.

      • 6

        Marketshare of foreign bank

        regulatoryreporting solutions

        hasranked the top in 6


      • 260+


        An outstanding and

        professional team

        with over 260 staffs.

      • 40+

        Over 40 products covering

        regulatory reports required

        by multiple regulators.