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      The General Manager of PT Bank Mandiri visited RIKING Shanghai Headquarter

      On March 25th, the General Manager and Deputy Manager of PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk Shanghai Branch (Abbr. as Bank Mandiri) visited RIKING Shanghai Headquarter. The General Manager and Deputy Manager of RIKING gave a warm reception to them. In the bilateral meeting, leaders from both sides discussed the plan for future development and domestic financial situation currently.


      At first, Faiz visited RIKING’s display area, and ask about the history of the company as well as the qualifications of RIKING. During the meeting, the Deputy Manager, Roger Zhou welcomed Faiz with his crew to visit RIKING, and acknowledged the support and help from Bank Mandiri for a long term because Bank Mandiri is the witness of RIKING’s development. The two sides discussed the further business cooperation in regulatory compliance and the future development of domestic financial industry. The meeting helped both organizations to recognize the direction for further development and cooperation.


      The Deputy Manager of Bank Mandiri, Mr. Benny Cheung attended the meeting along with Mr. Faiz.