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      RIKING News | Deputy Head of Putuo District Visited and Researched RIKING

      On June 24th , Human Resource and Social Security Bureau of PutuoDistrict held “Contentedly Working in Putuo, Creating the Future Together” activitiesin ECNU Science Park. RIKING Software System (Shanghai) Co. Ltd (Abbr. as RIKING) was invited to attend the activity, and RIKING positively responded to the government’s demand. RIKING provided college graduates with many good jobs, and assisted Putuo District to build the ecological chain of employment services.

      During the online recruiting part, RIKING’s HR Manager Mrs. Liu introduced in detail about the development prospect and bountiful benefits of RIKING’s career to college graduates who were watching the Live. Then Mr.s Liu announced a series of jobs while the activity was streaming on the media and attracted alarge number of graduates to interact online.

      In the afternoon, which was the enterprises visiting part, the Deputy Head ofPutuo District – Mr. Yuanfei Yang, Inspector II of Shanghai Human Resource and Social Security Bureau – Jian Chen, visited and researched RIKING along with other leaders from Shanghai Employment Promotion Center, Shanghai Human Resource and Social Security Bureau, Putuo Human Resource and Social Security Bureau and ECNU Science Park. Leaders from RIKING’s top management gave a warm reception.

      Mr.Yang asked fervently about RIKING’ sdevelopment and talent recruiting mechanism during Covid-19 Epidemic, and highly praised RIKING’s achievement infinancial technology, which inspired RIKING to grow stronger in the field.

      Through the visiting and researching of the leaders from district government, all the RIKINGers not only gained confidence and motivation, but also strengthened RIKING’s resolve to improve the quality of products and services. In the future, RIKING would provide more partners with better products and services and make contribution to the innovative development of regulatory market.