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      Regulatory Compliance
      • PBOC Report
        The system consists functions of data collection, verification conducting, summary verification, total verification, report generation and feedback management, which helps reduce manual intervention and greatly enhance work efficiency.
      • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Solutions
        This active and comprehensive technology solutions can adapt to the needs of different domestic financial institutions and the system model, and can be updated according to the latest regulatory specification.
      • AML On-site Inspection Solution
        This system can import into data through the batch import by front standard excel template or load data by ETL interface extraction. This system can be compatible with the Anti-money Laundering System so that data in both systems can be docked
      • Credit Information Reporting Software II Solution
        The second-generation credit information system is with wider collection business scope and more data items; Common data collection standards can be reestablished and data collection of emerging credit business of commercial banks can be supported
      • PBOC Credit Inquiry Front-end System Solutions
        It can be connected with PBOC's credit system through direct connection port or simulated landing method. By use of platform switching, the switching landing on credit inquiry user interface can be implemented
      • Interest Rate Monitoring System (IRRMS) Solution
        The system integrates a series of automatic functions, including data import, data verification, report generation, report submission, etc. And financial institutions can also customize certain data model according to their own characteristics
      • Finance Standardization System (FSS) Solution
        Through this Solution, automatic extraction of bank deposit and loan business data can be easily realized. Through the use of advanced calculation methods, the realization of data standardization and accurate verification can be reached and e-report
      • RMB Cross-border Receipts and Payments Information Management System(RCPMIS) Solution
        Through the use of advanced data algorithm and technical framework, RIKING’S RCPMIS solution can reach a perfect docking with RCPMIS platform, which can help financial institutions timely and accurately complete cross-border RMB settlement business.
      • Telecom Anti-fraud System(TAF)
        RIKING has developed required “Telecom Anti-fraud System”(Referred to as TAF), in which Information Query, Account Freeze, Urgent Stop-payment, Suspicious Cases Reporting are included, and feedback meet the demands can be generated and reported